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Jul 31, 2019

Vacation Habits That Defend From Future Burnouts
There are few more satisfying feelings than turning on your out-of-office reply and starting your well-earned vacation. If you’re like most worn-out workers, you have a few ideas on what you need from your break. You plan to destress …

7 Quick Ways Every Startup Can Optimize SEO Without Breaking the Bank
An interesting statistic reveals that 93 percent of online experiences start with the search engine. And your rank during a search is …

What Type Of Ad Is Best For Your Business And Why?
Organisations spend millions of dollars on advertising campaigns; but with so many different advertisement platforms, how can marketers decide which one to spend their budget on? …
The Startup Magazine

Yes, You Can Negotiate When You Are Just Starting Out
It’s a myth that you can’t negotiate when you are just starting out or even still in school. I recruited an intern who negotiated a $12 …

How prioritizing my passion outside of work made me a better colleague and leader
Unlike a lot of tech founders, I stop thinking about work when I leave the office every night. That means that rather than technical …
Fast Company

Should You Hire a Lawyer for Your Small Business?
As an entrepreneur, you spend most of your time focused on day-to-day tasks, like managing your staff, helping customers, and marketing …
All Business

15 Ways to Better Manage Your Work-Life Balance as a Parent and Entrepreneur
Finding work-life balance is no easy task. I mean, how can you spend quality time with your children when you don’t get home until …