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The Secret to Effective Business Networking
I’ve been attending local networking events as long as I’ve run my content marketing agency (so, 13 years). I’m aware that trying to sell yourself isn’t the general concept behind networking, that it’s better to build…
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Found the Perfect Small Business Location? What To Know Before You Open Shop
Whether you found a great cafe space, a convenient office space, or something else, it’s time for you to go into what you’ve been preparing…
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5 New Approaches to Team Building Activities That Are Healthy and Actually Fun!
Today, the terms “wellness” and “#self-care” get tossed around as commonly as cold brew coffee on a summer morning. But while an…

What Work Should You Outsource?
Good startups start with good people. That’s what Paul Graham, one of the founders of the famed Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator…

Success is in the follow-up, stay in the conversation!
Think about the last deal you closed. And why did it close? How did it feel? You made a connection…
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The 17 Biggest Mistakes Startups Make With Their Investor Pitch Deck
Startup companies often prepare an “investor pitch deck,” which is a slide presentation summary of the company, its team members, the company’s…