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How to think like a CEO
The list of qualities and habits of mind required to succeed in the role of CEO is long; it includes resilience, stamina, high IQ and EQ, confidence, ambition, humility, vision, trustworthiness, and presence. It would …
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How to Create a Strong Company Culture When Your Employees Are Remote
Sketch has always been a remote company — Pieter and I started working on the app when he was living in the Netherlands and I was …

What Big Companies Look For When Buying Your Startup
Thinking about selling a business? What will bigger companies be looking for when evaluating yours? What makes them acquire others …
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Fundamental Content Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From A Young YouTube Superstar
I have recently gotten more actively involved in retirement planning and investing for my family’s future. In my research, I stumbled …

16 Creative Ways to Get Press Coverage for Your Small Business
Richard Branson once said: “A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.” In other words, press coverage is …
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Job Costing 101: Learn How to Set the Right Price for Your Business Services
Job costing is key to profitability for many small businesses. Are you doing it right? For companies that provide long-term projects …
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How to design a 360-degree review process that actually works
Conducting performance reviews tend to be part of a leader’s job description. But how often do managers task their employees with …
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Fundamentals for Starting Up a Business
Starting up a business, despite what Hollywood may suggest, doesn’t just involve crafting ideas from a home office …
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