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Milestones That You’re On Track to Success
Success is hard work; it’s too easy when keeping your head down and barreling forward to blow by some of your important achievements. Looking back on a 30-plus year career spanning various ventures, I can now see signals …

Factors to Consider Before Beginning Your Startup Journey
Deciding to start your own business is anxiety-inducing, yet admirable and rewarding. Aside from the idea of being your own boss and …
Startup Magazine

Why not having a succession plan can derail your business and put your legacy at risk
Having a solid succession plan in place is crucial to ensure a seamless transition of ownership, especially when faced with the …

You don’t need employees to qualify for a business credit card
It may be surprising to hear, but it’s entirely possible that you could qualify for a business credit card. “But I don’t have …
Business Insider

Why Good Listening Is a Critical Skill for Founders and Entrepreneurs
Listening can be a matter of life and death. Imagine a distracted hostage negotiator or an airline pilot who tunes out air traffic …

Buying a Franchise vs. an Independent Business
You would love to operate your own business, and over the years you’ve set aside money to invest in a company to fulfill this lifelong …
All Business

Balancing the Company’s Needs and Employee Satisfaction
As a senior leader, doing what is right for your company and doing what will make your employees happiest are not always mutually …
Harvard Business Review

Why you should start a weekly planning session
You can eliminate a lot of unexpected stress by doing a little bit of advance planning. I’m a time management strategist who, last week …
Fast Company

How to Create Effective B2B Marketing Videos
Video content has to be entertaining enough to capture viewers and effective enough to turn them into customers …