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“Delegating work works, provided the one delegating works, too.”
Robert Half

10 CEOs on how they combat loneliness
They say it’s lonely at the top, and plenty of CEOs would agree. Half, in fact, struggle with feelings of isolation, according to research by the Harvard Business Review. Of those, 61% feel it’s hurting their job performance …
Fast Company

Steps for Taking Personal Development to the Next Level
There are two extreme reactions that can come out of people when the topic of personal development is brought up: an eye roll …

Proven Strategies to Increase Employee Productivity
Every business owner wants their employees to be as productive as possible. For the business, higher productivity means more value per …
All Business

Principles for Responding to Customer Reviews
Understanding how to respond to online reviews is essential for businesses across all industries. Indeed, 89% of consumers read …
Harvard Business Review

4 Ideas for Actually Pivoting Your Business Right Now
If you’re in the entrepreneurial world, you’ve like heard one word more than almost any other this month: pivot. “Pivot your offerings …

Why startup founders should pay attention to the company culture
A company’s culture is like the personality of the business and is a combination of its business practices and values. Culture is …
People Matters