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“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”
Winston S. Churchill

Daily Habits of Great Leaders
Have you ever noticed that many great leaders—in politics, in business, and even in your social circles—tend to emanate many of the same qualities? It’s not that they all have the same personality or the same style of leadership …
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Positive Ways To Stand Out As A Leader Among More Experienced Peers
While leaders aren’t self-selected, inherent charisma and decisiveness often help professionals land in roles where they …

10 ways business leaders can support their employees’ mental health
COVID-19 has caused businesses of all shapes and sizes to pivot in terms of strategy, communication, and even location. Supplying …
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CEOs, Don’t Let Fear and Paranoia Sink Your Leadership
For decades, we’ve told CEOs to be humble. It’s fine to be confident, even fiercely determined, we say, but arrogance will …
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How to lead through rapidly changing times
In a year of unprecedented challenges that 2020 brought, the mantle of the chief executive became even more weighty. In the span …
Fast Company

8 Patterns of Ultra-Successful Entrepreneurs
Before starting my company in 2017, I was a journalist making an average salary, working long hours and lots of weekends. I liked my …

The Best Time To Make Your First Startup Hire
Your startup team is an asset and one of the most important investments you will make in the early stages of your venture. Especially …

5 Important Lessons About Becoming an Entrepreneur
Here’s the simple truth: becoming an entrepreneur isn’t easy. After all, if it were easy to launch a business, everyone would do it …
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