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“Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.”
Anthony Volodkin, Hype Machine founder

How to Keep Your Team Energized During the Holidays
This year, the holidays are different from any other that we have had in the past. Many families have been quarantined together …

Why you shouldn’t always look on the bright side
Optimism is a valued trait in the American workplace. Optimism accounts for 30% of an employee’s inspiration at work, according …
Fast Company

Is Self-Sabotage Burning You Out?
There are many causes of work-related burnout — some are out of our control, but there are others that we can battle as long as we’re aware of them. The author lays out five traps that people often fall into that can lead to …
Harvard Business Review

Business Ownership: Deciding If Franchising Is The Best Route For You
Currently, there are more than 30 million small business owners in the U.S., and of those, nearly 800,000 are owned franchise businesses …

Change Your Perspective From Chaos To Calm
I heard a colleague say this morning, “It’s a strange and crazy time.” It’s true that we’re in the midst of a global pandemic. But is it “strange and crazy”? That’s one perspective. My experience is that, in many ways, life …

These are the Skills and Mindsets of the Leader of the Future
When we hear the word water, an image immediately comes to mind, we know what we are talking about. The same does not happen with the …

7 powerful ways that introverts can uniquely contribute to the workplace
If you are an introvert, you may question your ability to compete in our fast-paced culture. It’s normal for self-doubt to creep in …
Business Insider

Avoid Rushing to Solutions When Problem-Solving
Albert Einstein reportedly said that if he had an hour to solve a problem, he’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and …
Harvard Business Review

The 1 Goal-Setting Step You’re Probably Missing
Quarterly revenue discussions. Investor meetings. End-of-year client calls. Once upon a time, these were the purview of C-levels alone …

How to be successful when setting up your own business
It used to be said that our twenties were for hustling, but given rising age expectancy in the UK, this rule could arguably be extended …
The Startup Magazine

7 Virtual Team-Building Ideas to Keep Your Staff Connected
Team building has been pinpointed as a very important investment that you can make as a business owner. If you have a team of …