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“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.”
Thomas Edison

Set goals when everything feels uncertain
Typically the start of a new year brings a natural renewed enthusiasm for goal setting. The final digit of the year is turning, and you’re looking ahead to a hopeful new 12 months, refreshed and ready for your dreams and …
Fast Company

Questions Every Leader Should Ask Themselves at the End of the Year
The best way to make sure you don’t re-live the same year over and over is to do a formal review of the past 365 days and create …

Tips To Be Happier And Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever
If you’re like most people, you might not want to revisit the painful events of 2020 as we close out the year. Understandable. The …

If You’re Tracking Employee Behavior, Be Transparent About It
Prior to the pandemic, it was already clear that one of the key leadership qualities that sets great bosses apart is empathy — the ability …
Harvard Business Review

4 myths about diversity and inclusion leaders debunked
After the year we’ve had, it should come as no surprise that the number of chief diversity and inclusion officers (CDIOs) in the U.S …
Fast Company

How to Use Overthinking to Your Advantage
If you’re anything like me, overthinking is a common, if not daily, occurrence. Your head is spinning a million different directions …

Technology: one of the important factors for successful hybrid workplaces
Today, everyone in this world is trying to cope up with an unprecedented situation in which even expert alerts & advisories could not …
People Matters

Things to Consider When Building a Business
In this pandemic economy, building a business takes resilience and tenacity more than ever before. Nevertheless, building a business …