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Rules for choosing the right mentor
Mentorships can be career-changing for all professionals, but the potential value for professionals of color is even greater. For the second consecutive year, The List—the group of marketing, advertising and media leaders …

If You’re Practicing These Leadership Habits, Your Skills Are Better Than You Think
It is no secret, companies that invest in their human capital — their people — see economic growth, productivity, and profitability …

Ready To Expand Your Business? Read This First
It’s not always obvious when it’s time for your business to expand. If you’ve always been a team of one, two or three, you might feel …
The Startup Magazine

Pivot To A New Career While Still Working At Your Old Job
It’s smart to begin your search for a new job while you still have your old job. If your desired new job is very different from …

When You Lose Your Job — and It’s Your Whole Identity
Work provides us with more than a paycheck. It gives us recognition, status, belonging, self-esteem, and reinforcement of our self-concept …
Harvard Business Review