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“Best startups generally come from somebody needing to scratch an itch.”
Michael Arrington, TechCrunch founder and co-editor

To Be Successful, You Must Understand These 3 Mindsets
For every action I have taken as an entrepreneur, I was never ready. When I left my corporate job, I didn’t feel ready. When I hired …

Accept tough criticism at work without taking it personally
No one likes criticism about their work. But being hypersensitive to criticism can feel like a burden you constantly carry. Whether you’re …
Business Insider

Do you need a co-founder?
When you’re starting a business, unless it’s an idea you’ve formulated with someone else, making the decision to bring a co-founder on board is a huge …
Mailchimp Courier

Fostering inclusion in the virtual workplace
Recent years have witnessed an increased focus on workplace equity, inclusion and diversity. More and more data-backed research now …
People Matters

People Who Adopt This Simple Habit in 2021 Have Very High Emotional Intelligence
Of all the things readers tell me they want to work on this year, developing greater emotional intelligence is the one I hear over and …

Lessons Learned From Business Failure That Can Save Your Business Now
The Covid-19 pandemic has been devastating to businesses in nearly every industry throughout the world. The restaurant industry is having …